Call for Contributions and NBM Conference Graz 2017

Call for Contributions Conference  NBM@Graz2017

The first conference on New Business Models took place in Toulouse in June 2016. It was
meant to be the starting point for a series of international conferences on New Business
Models (NBM). With over 65 international participants, inspiring key-note lectures and an
attractive and impressive range of presentations and discussions, this initial conference was
a great success! This success also indicates that the NBM is considered a promising concept
that is currently influencing and shaping our society’s development and, with luck, its future
sustainability. However, this was only the beginning; there are still many questions to be
answered and problems to be solved. As a result of this initial conference, the idea of
holding an annual international conference on New Business Models was born.

Second NBM conference
Following up on the success of its predecessor, the second NBM conference will take place
at the University of Graz, Austria, 21 and 22 June 2017. It will provide a platform to continue the
work that has been started and offer a venue for fruitful discussions, interesting
presentations, inspiring key note speeches and interactive business modeling workshops to
further stimulate and support the promising work on NBMs. Specifically, we invite
researchers and students as well as practitioners from various backgrounds to share their
experience and insights with regard to NBMs.

A bird’s-eye view of the conference
This Call for Contributions aims to attract submissions from various research fields and
backgrounds, all of which address the generic topic of New Business Models from a broad
range of perspectives. The sessions (see list) will draw attention to specific topics that
range from business models in the context of Circular Economy to digitalization and how
such trends drive the development of and need for NBMs. Moreover, there will be a session
explicitly dedicated to ongoing or research projects that have recently been finished by
Bachelor’s and Master’s students. The conference will also host various workshops on
business modeling. As a new feature, the three best papers will each be awarded an Annual
Cloverleaf Award.